Productivity Tips – My Spiritual Biz
  1. Schedule “YOU” time
    If you don’t put you on the calendar, there will be no you. We don’t want to burn out, so be sure to schedule YOU time every week.
  2. Write down your goals
    Research shows that those that write down their goals everyday are 95% more successful than those that don’t. Write ‘em down!
  3. Start now – Quit procrastinating
    How much time have you spent waiting and procrastinating instead of getting things done? It is time to do something imperfect, because we all know something done is better than nothing.
  4. Choose great friends and community
    You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around. Surround yourself with creative, driven, joyful, and excited friends and community.
  5. Work on your business, not just in it
    To create real success in business you have to work on your business, not just in it. When you are a Starter, you work in your biz most of the time. As you grow, visioning, dreaming, and focusing on the future are imperative to grow your business.
  6. Create before you consume
    Before you jump on the internet and look at what everyone else is doing, create something first. Don’t compare your work to others. You can let others inspire you, after you have created something.
  7. Use your calendar
    If you don’t use your calendar, you won’t get it done. Your calendar is your accountability partner. Put everything that is important to you – in your biz and your life – in your calendar. Remember, if it isn’t on the calendar, it isn’t happening
  8. Get up 1 hour earlier
    You tap into more ideas, time, and confidence when you rise an hour earlier. It is called a keystone habit … when one change you make in your life goes on to change everything else in your life … a ripple effect in a positive way.
  9. Meditate and/or journal
    Meditation and journaling can bring to you more presence, clarity, and peace of mind. This ultimately makes you much more productive by weeding out all the chaos in your mind and tapping into specific action and intention.
  10. Move your body
    Get outside and go for a walk, do some yoga, ride a bike, go skiing, swim… just move your body. Get your body moving for just 30 minutes a day. It will improve your mood, your energy level, your health, your mental clarity as well as release stress and make your much more productive.
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